If you live in (or near) San Francisco (and if you like Disney-related anything), you need to visit the Walt Disney Family Museum!

I spent literally the entire day there with my mom, which is unusual for us. There was so much to see and read that it actually became overwhelming. I’ll post photos soon. I had always wanted to visit and so glad I finally did.

With your ticket purchase, you can also get tickets (for free) to see the movie of the month, which was “Disneyland Goes to the World’s Fair”. (World’s Fair of 1964!) It was a fun film because it showed the “new” attractions that eventually came to Disneyland.

Also checked out the Mary Blair exhibit. I loved seeing her work!

What was also nice is since the museum is in the Presidio (old barracks of SF), it didn’t really feel like you were in the “city” of SF.

I highly suggest that if you like Disney, visit the museum. If you don’t care for Disney, then…you’ll be really bored.